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Yemen flag

Yemen is a country with borders to Saudi Arabia (North) … Red Sea (West) … Arabian Sea and Gulf of Aden (South) … and Oman (East).  Yemen has a population of 23,000,000

We visited two harbours in YemenAl Mukalla and Aden.

Al Mukalla was our first stopover … being 325 nmiles south and west of Salalah, Oman.  This journey took 90 hours (3.75 days) a long time and caused primarily by little wind and a two knot tidal current against us.

*      Al Mukalla harbour …. Can you spot Déjà vu?               *

Al Mukalla harbour is tiny, but friendly.  We needed an Agent to negotiate the Authorities and we were lucky in getting a young chap with reasonable English.  The Port is so small we were awakened at 2200 to move, as they needed extra space to turn an incoming ship.  We were attached to a HUGE floating buoy and Déjà vu moved around all night.  Beverly, being the 1st Mate (What a satisfying job!)  was up all night on anchor-watch and saved Déjà vu from bumping many times. 

This was the beginning of seeing women on the street dressed in black burqas … (how hot must it be under them?)   Beverly took this Muslim custom very seriously and bought appropriate clothes, in India.  Hence, she looked very respectable in her blue outfit … but, it was HOT!

*      Beverly in her Burqa garb!  *

One noticeable difference about men in this region is the habit of some, not all, to chew a green-leaf which has a drug inducing ability.  The strange thing about chewing this stuff is … they don’t spit it out, just let the chewed leaf build up in their mouth and at the end of the day it looks as though they have a tennis ball stuffed in one cheek!


273 nmiles further west was the Port of Aden.  This journey was taken over 57 hours (2.37 days) and made a lot easier by the turning of the current to give us a 2 knot helping hand. 

*      Part of the Aden Harbour entrance on the right!        *

We both hated Aden … mainly due to the corruption involved with Officials of the City.  I took delivery of a parcel sent from Perth, Western Australia and it took five hours and 7500 Yemen Riyal (about AU$36.00 … it did seem a lot more at the time) … to get possession of it!   But, the drama is traumatic and you can do without it!

*      We did have contact with Coalition Warship #56, one of many working against Piracy in this area … and this makes for a good read in the main body of the Website    *

*      This was an amusing, but deadly, sign … erected by a Bank saying:  “It’s forbidden to bring your AK47 Automatic rifle, into the Bank!      *


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Blog on this page