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Turkey, with a population of 72,535,312 … and an area of 302,535 square miles … is bordered by eight countries.  Bulgaria (NW) … Greece (W) … Georgia (NE) … Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran (E) … Iraq and Syria (S).  AND the Mediterranean, Cyprus (S) … Aegean Sea (W) … and Black Sea (N). 

The Turkish Armed Forces is the second largest standing armed forces in NATO … after the U.S. Armed Forces, with a combined strength of just over a million uniformed personnel serving in its five branches.

*      A new marina going up in Kas … a town on the central/south coast.       *

My mind is still `Out’ … (meaning I’m still undecided whether I like Turkey, or not (BUT, my feeling is firming towards … NO!)   Turkey, to me, is not a place to rave about!  It has loads of history and some areas along the southern coastline (2010 … haven’t been north yet) are beautiful … but, from all exaggerated reports I had received before experiencing it myself … I should be very much more impressed than I am!!

*      Bozburun, a gorgeous little town on the SW corner of Turkey.     *

The people seem `unhappy, even sad, even angry’ … and those in the Tourism Industry and public services, such as shopping and common things such as bus services … have a long, long way to go to catch up with the level expected by International Travelers. 

I have been savagely `ripped off’ by the Medical Services …and the Turkey Customs … and I guess this has soured my thinking.  It also didn’t help to have AU$200.00 disappear from Déjà vu!  I know there are some who will say … “Yeah, get over it man!”  And I will, BUT, I will not forget!


*      What would prompt anyone to build a mini-fort on this tiny island … can be seen in the town of Selimye, SW Turkey.    *

I’m going to see a lot more of Turkey before I leave … I want to attend the ANZAC Cove Memorial Ceremony at Gallipoli, on April 25th 2011 … and Istanbul and some of the Black Sea … so, there’s still time and opportunity to change my mind?

*      And the Tourists flock to Marmaris for fun like this? *


Blog on this page