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Thai Flag

I heard a Dutch couple explaining how they saved cost on their home Flag.  Just cut a Thai flag horizontally across the centre … and presto, you have two Dutch Flags.  Cheap-skates I recon!

Netherlands Flag!

Thailand is a Fun country … The best-food-in-the-world … gorgeous women (and men if you’re into that sort of thing?) … hot ambient temperatures … good beaches and clear water in most areas.   The `down’ side … Europeans swarm there during the ON season – April to October!

*      Common Beach scene … but, where are the bodies?      *

*      PhiPhi Lee ... site of the filming of part of the film `The Beach’ … starring Leonardo DiCaprio     *

I spent all of my time in Thailand on the West Coast … tending to stay away from the East Coast and especially, Bangkok!

*      The seas swarm with high-powered, ridiculously fast, speed boats carrying sun burnt tourists from places such as Phuket to destinations such as PhiPhi Lee       *

During my stay I learnt, at the expense of another yachties life … that life can be worthless to a hungry Thai man under pressure!  Read more in the `main contents?’

I found an Island … sorry it’s a secret … (maybe I’ve mentioned it in the `main contents?’) … where I plan to retire ... when I’ve had enough of sailing.

*      There are many Big Rocks around the eastern shores of Phuket … only the stupid and unwary go into these areas without all systems on high alert!       *


Lots more coming in the `main contents?’


Blog on this page