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Sudan flag

Sudan is the 10th largest country (by area) in the world … WOW!

It has borders with Egypt (N) … Red Sea (NE) … Eretria and Ethiopia (E) … Kenya and Uganda (SE) … Congo and Central Africa Republic (SW) … Chad (W) … Libya (NW).

It also has the world’s longest river … Nile … dividing the country between east and west sides.

The Sudanese population is … 42,272,000.


*      Just loved this cannon … where would the ball end up if ever it left the barrel?        *

Our journey from Port Massawa, Eritrea, to Port Suwakin, Sudan, was just 65 nmiles … but we took our time over three days.  Anchorages on the way were:  Difnein Island … Nawarat then Port Suwakin.

We enjoyed Port Suwakin for two reasons.  The BIG black Agent by the name Mohammed had a huge white smile … and was the friendliest of persons (and he actually loaned us money due to the fact there wasn’t an ATM in Port Suwakin!!)  And Port Suwakin obviously had a huge history.  Stepping ashore was like stepping back 1500 years … we imagined little had changed.  Donkey drawn water carts … 99% earthen roads … no water or power … mud ruins of a town that had endured until a thousand years ago, maybe?


*      Port Suwakin is a `MUST VISIT’ town!      *

And the well isolated Port Suwakin (its thirty miles to Port Sudan) did in fact, have a small Port, where ships backed into the jetty and lowered a ramp for vehicle and human traffic. 

*      Port Sudan … approx. 30 nmiles north of Port Suwakin, Sudan.    *

*      The ruins, on the left, of Port Suwakin, are passed when sailing/motoring into a very small harbour … used primarily for fishermen.           *


Blog on this page