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Sri Lanka Flag

From Aceh, Indonesia, we had an 870 nmiles journey to Sri Lanka.  This took us 150 hours (6.5 days) to the earlier anchorage … and then six hours to the harbour of Galle.

Sri Lanka is famous for the production and export of tea … coffee … coconuts … rubber and cinnamon … and covers an area of 25,332 square miles … with a population of 20,238,000 (almost the same as Australia)!

My everlasting impression of Sri Lanka will be the Gunship that met us at the entrance to Galle Harbour … then the floating barrier across the entrance to the harbour … overlooked by a machine-gun pill-box.  Defence, or, aggression, was BIG in this part of the world. 

*      Maybe they’re dummies under the canvas … but, we weren’t about to ask.  However, there was no way you would get past this `little ship’ and into the harbour!        *

*      Pill-box at the entrance to Galle Harbour.


*      Bev is shown throwing across a couple of cans of Coke, as it was fearfully hot and these `Guards’ must have been melting?       *

So was corruption … as it took many bottle of liquor and some clothing (they love T-shirts) to get to an anchorage.  At least it was a good opportunity to get rid of old, half filled bottled of liquor … and it lightened the load on Déjà vu!

Otherwise Galle is a friendly place!

*      Fishermen selling us `expensive’ fresh fish! *

*      These were rough facilities!  That’s a bulk gas carrier we’re alongside!  The shower block ashore was excellent!     *

*      L/R … Phil (of SV Meridian’) … writer … Helen (SV Meridian) … 1st Mate Beverly … Meridian had lost a mast in a two day storm we had all endured a few days earlier … and were still determining their future?  *


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