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Singapore flag... notice the similarity to the Indonesian flag

Sailing into Singapore from Indonesia is a SHOCK!  The shock comes from the massive movement of shipping … and the huge number of ships, of all shapes and sizes, at anchor.  It must be one of the `Seven Shipping wonders of the Shipping World?’  In late 2009 I was quoted a figure of 750 ships at anchor … with 66% of them out-of-work? 


*      This is a ship which will `piggy-back’ other ships … a gaggle of yachts … a floating oil rig … a Warship!  It submerges to allow the cargo to be floated aboard.  Just a remarkable vessel.   *

Statistics reveal Singapore to be the busiest Port in the world … with 27,900,000 containers handled through 2009. 


*      The same ship with a load … an oil rig!      *

*      A fraction of shipping at anchor.        *

Singapore is the most densely populated country in the world, after Monaco!  It consists of a population of five million … with 42% being foreign workers.  It consists of 63 Islands covering a total if 704 Square Kilometres … and increasing all the time with a massive reclamation project.

*      Singapore has a deadly Navy and Air force         *

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Blog on this page