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Oman Flag

Oman was the first Arab Country we were to visit.  Its borders include the United Arab Republic on the North West … Saudi Arabia on the West … and Yemen on the South West.  Its coastline fronts the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman.  Its population is 2,845,000.

From the Maldives we set off on our longest non-stop leg of 1260 nmiles, to Oman.  This journey took 341 hours (a little over 14 days) … and we were very, very happy to arrive at Salalah, Oman, at Noon on the 12th March, 2010.

*      Much of the journey was with conditions as shown here … flat calm and windless!   *


*      The six hourly `LOG’ should seem like an opportunity for a break from the routine … but, I think I was too tired to be really enthusiastic!    *


*      We had the occasional visitor, who would hang around until they had recovered strength.  *

*      Although we were in `Pirate’ country … Shipping remained our biggest threat.  Our friends ahead reported two cargo ships travelling at night without a single light showing.  These ships were concerned about Pirates!   *

*  We were definitely in Arab Country … Camels were a traffic hazard!   *


Blog on this page