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Maldives flag

The Maldives are located 380 nmiles South West of Sri Lanka … and consists of 26 Atolls (1,192 Islets) spread over 90,000 Square Kilometres … and has a population of 396,334.

Our journey to the Maldives from Cochin, India, was 270 nmiles and this took 73 hours (just over three days) to complete.  A good sail, although, without a breeze most of the time!


*      Yachts arrive at the Maldives at Uligamu Island! *

Most yachts arrive at the Maldives at Uligamu Island … which is the northern most inhabited island.  Once there though, you are not allowed to pull-anchor and cruise the islands of Maldives unless a Fee of US$550.00 (may be more?) is paid.  And this only allows you to travel the islands for three months.

   *     The beautiful colours of the tiny harbour of Uligamu Island        *


*      The Main Street of the Town on Uligamu Island, Maldives!  *

*      Déjà vu III way out from the island, which are surrounded by shallow coral reef!         *

Blog on this page