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Flag of the State of Kedah,Langkawi Malaysia


To prepare for a five month International trip over 6,000 nmile of ocean is very, very daunting.  My ambition was to have Déjà vu in perfectcondition so as to reduce the possibility of breakdown at sea.   When the end of January, 2010 loomed, I realised I was chasing a dream … perfection was not going to be the order of the day!  More in the body of the Website.

We were delayed a full month and it was the 27th January 2010 before I FORCED Déjà vu to escape from Langkawi. 



*      Lloyd and Tony effecting much needed repairs to Screecher!              *

*      The mandatory cleaning of hulls on-the-beach … @ Telaga, Langkawi, Malaysia        *

Some of the items that led to a holdup:  India Visa … broken radar post … torn mainsail … need to scrape hull bottoms … damaged water speed paddle and so it went.  I was fortunate to have my 1st Mate Beverly arrive on the 1st January to help with repairs!


*      When the Radar comes crashing down … I had to ponder the very poor quality stainless steel work done in Langkawi! *

*      Main Sail repair was a big job … performed in Langkawi, Malaysia by an American woman.       *


Blog on this page