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Indonesian Flag

With a population of 238,000,000 people … spread over 17,508 islands … you would think anyone sailing close to their shores would be swamped with people … well I did, but I wasn’t!

*   Melanie with new found friend … Island of Alor, Indonesia   *

My impetus to sail through Indonesia came when I awoke one morning (around 0330 is the usual time) with the realization I was bored with sailing up and down the East coast of Australia.  Hence I seized on the idea of joining the `2007 Sail Indonesia Yachting Rally’ out of Darwin … destination, Singapore.  There were approximately 100 yachts leaving simultaneously and I guessed we made a spectacular sight. 

*SV Déjà vu III leaving Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia … July, 2007.  Photo taken from a friendly aircraft!*


More, much more, in the Section titled INDONESIA.

*      There aren’t too many boat ramps in Indonesia to handle a fishing boat of this size.  Where there’s a will, there’s always a way though … and it doesn’t stop families living onboard during the renovations! *

*  Their gowns were made from Paper Bark … a bit itchy I would think?       *



Blog on this page