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India Flag

From Galle, Sri Lanka, to Cochin, India was 324 nmiles … and we took 77 hours (3.2 Days) to reach it.

India is the 7th largest geographical area in the world … and somehow, supports 1,187,720,000 people ... (That’s 1.87 Billion people … no matter how you say it, it’s a hell-of-a-lot of people)!  Just imagine feeding that bunch every day?

There was a consensus on board that we should see as much as possible while journeying through this region … despite some contacts being very brief.  (IE.   India and the Maldives).  What the hell, Cochin, India and the Maldives were only taking us 283 nmiles out of our way!


*   This was our `Customs Man’ with his heap of carbon paper and 56 sheets of forms which had to be done in lots of 7 … they love their forms!   *    

Galle to Cochin proved an exciting sail and I’ve gone into this in-depth in the Main Website


*   The poor fish … if only the fishermen realised there were none left?   *

We stayed in Cochin four days … two of which was taken `Clearing In and Clearing Out’.  That left two days to replenish stores and water etc.  Here water is brought to your vessel by 20 litre jugs.  Our Agent proved to be a drug-addict with wide, red, unblinking eyes … and he drove us mental!


*      Sometimes it just all gets too much!   *

The upshot of my visit to India is … I haven’t a clue what it’s like!  But I’m in no rush to go back there!