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Eritrean Flag

Eritrea has a long history of being invaded by many other countries.  A short study shows invaders have come from:  (Not in any particular order) … Africa … Sudan … Yemen … Turkey … Portugal … Egypt … Britain … Italy, with the Italians being expelled by Commonwealth Armed Forces in 1941.  These Forces occupied Eritrea, under British Administration, until 1951.  Eritrea declared its independence and gained international recognition in 1993.
Population is estimated at 5,224,000.


*      They didn’t try to sell us anything … just wanted to show off their BIG catch!                *

Our journey to Port Massawa, Eritrea, from Aden, Yemen, was 370 nmiles with four anchorages and one dust storm along the way … anchorages, Beyul Bahir Selate … Mersa Dudo … Anfile Bay … Port Smyth … and finally, Port Massawa.  This journey was over a period of eight days.



*      Our anchorage at Beyul Bahir Selate, Eritrea.  Onshore was a perfect example of a Third World canvas village. *

  • At Anfile Bay anchorage we experienced our first dust-storm from Saudi Arabia … great stuff if you like dust in everything!


*      Déjà vu enjoying a salt water wash-down to rid her of Saudi Arabian dust   *

*      Port Massawa, Eritrea, certainly looked as though it had been raped and pillaged by many!       *

Blog on this page