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Egyptian Flag

Egypt is mainly in North Africa, with the Sinai Peninsular forming a land bridge to SW Asia.  It has an area of 390,000 square miles and Egypt has borders with:  The Mediterranean (N) … Gaza Strip and Israel (NE) … Red Sea (E) … Sudan (S) … Libya (W).

And Egypt has a population of 79,000,000 … the majority living on the banks of the arable land of the Nile river.   The Sahara desert is sparsely populated.

Giza PyramidsGreat Sphinx, along with the ancient ruins of Memphis … Thebes … Karnak … and the Valley of the Kings, are a significant focus of archaeological study and artifacts.


*      The Great Pyramids … You can’t take anything away from them … they are GREAT!*

Our journey from Port Suwakin, Sudan, to Port Ghalib, Egypt, took thirteen days and we covered 683 nmiles.  I must point out the time taken includes anchoring every night and in the case of Sharma Luli, we were held there for two nights.  Similarly, the mileage covered includes tacking … and is not a distance measurement as-the-crow-flies!
I’m getting bogged down with too many facts!

*      The `Great Sphinx’ … overshadowed somewhat by the Pyramids! *

*      The remarkable `Suez Canal’      *

By the way … we were happy with the country … but, very happy to leave the people behind!  You must experience the contact to understand!

*      The Suez Canal is very heavily guarded by Armed Forces!    *

*      Shipping pouring out of the Suez Canal … Eqypt must make a fortune from Fees to ply the Canal!        *



Blog on this page