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Cyprus flag

Cyprus is the 3rd largest Island in the Mediterranean with an area of 3571 square miles and a population of 798,045.  It’s located at the extreme eastern end of the Mediterranean just 58 nmiles from Ras El Forsori, Syria and 65 nmiles south of Mersin, Turkey.

Cyprus was invaded by Turkey in 1974 and there is a `The United Nations’ buffer zone cutting East to West across the country, which has created a physical and social barrier between the Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities.  Currently the Turkey occupation is recognised by Turkey alone. 

At 2200 on the 31st May, 2010, Déjà vu gladley exited Port Said, Egypt … with 1st Mate performing an unforgettable dance to mark the occasion.  We vowed never to return to Egypt.

Our original plan was to exit Egypt and sail ENE to Israel.  However, at exactly this time the Israeli Army had a deadly conflict with a ship trying to deliver goods to an area south of them … and all travel into Israel was stopped!


*      Paphos, Cyprus … a very small harbour, but welcoming! *

Therefore, we had to steel ourselves for a two day sail to Cyprus … (we had been looking forward to a rest!)  Paphos is 211 nmiles from Port Said, Egypt and this took Déjà vu 48 hours.  We entered the tiny harbour in the dark and rafted up to a large catamaran. 


*      Cyprus has a long History … and many of the ruins proving just that can be seen here, close to the Paphos harbour.      *


*      Cyprus is a vey popular holiday destination … from the people I saw on the streets, many come from the UK.       *

*      Beverly at a famous Cyprian ancient Amphitheatre.     *


We liked Cyprus!


Blog on this page