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Brunei Flag

Brunei … officially known as the `Nation of Brunei, the Abode of Peace’ … is a Sovereign State with a population of 333,000.  It can trace its existence back to the 7th Century … and once occupied a much larger area of Borneo.  Brunei is ranked 4th highest/richest nation by Gross National Product (GDP) … with an estimated income through 2009 of $19.674 billion.  Brunei struck it lucky when a massive oil reserve was discovered off its coast.


*      Part view of a large Mosque in the centre of Bandar Seri Begawan, the Capital of Brunei.       Photo compliments of Melanie    *

*      The Empire Hotel and Country Club *

It’s strongly rumoured a Brother of the Sultan, (who was Finance Minister at the time) … approved the development of The Empire Hotel and Country Club, a Six Star Development … and a `super expensive’ undertaking (who knows how expensive?) … and it’s rumoured to be losing an equally huge sum of money annually!

Again, I was introduced to Brunei via the Sail Malaysia Eastern Passage Rally 2009 … when the Rally called into the Royal Brunei Yacht Club (RBYC).

*      One of the most hospitable people to greet us at the RBYC, was Carolyn … and she joined us for the remainder of the Rally, via Labuan Island, on to KK.            *

Although an un-official visit we were made very welcome and many of us returned a number of times.

     *   When there’s wind … we have sails!     *


Blog on this page